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cs2d Maps by Lemon


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Some info on the TNT clan: There are currently 3 members in the clan, I am also the leader, but I did not create TNT. TNT was made a year ago when some of my buddies made up a clan on Counter-Strike 1.6. Some rules to the clan:

1.Your name MUST be some type of food.

2.ALWAYS respect the leaders of the clan, it might just win you a spot in the top ;)

3.Ask the clan leader if your friend can join, you cannot say that they are in the clan without approval of the leader(s)

4.If you have some maps you would like the clan members playing contact me.

5. DO NOT HACK! We TNT’s find hacking a lack of skill and smartness all what it will do is get you banned and ruin the game for others. If you are caught hacking you will be punished, also if you see someone else on the clan hacking take a screen shot and show me.

6. Always have fun ;)


[1-50]= Rookie
[50-150]= Private
[150-250]= Sergeant
[250-400]= Officer
[400-600]= Commander
[600-800]= Hostage bodyguard
[800-1000]= leader
You can earn points by:
Showing respect to the leader.
Sending some maps for the clan.
Winning clan wars/lots of effort
Being a good teammate

[Clan members all together]= 2

@@(TNT)@@ Lemon

[Rank]= 1000 (Leader)


@@(TNT)@@ Coco-Puff

[Rank]= 1000 (Leader)


@@(TNT)@@ Fruit Cake

[Rank]= 1 (Rookie)